Professional! Innovative! Leading Spring Machine Manufacturer from Taiwan.

HERDON MACHINERY ENT. CO., LTD. was established on June 25th, 1970. We founded on the belief of "Professional, Innovation, Quality, and Service". With the know-how and wisdom, we introduce series of efficient CNC spring making machines. Undoubtedly, we have earned the appreciation from leading domestic and international spring makers.

All series of spring machines use quality FC materials and have been heat treated and casting, for prolong usage and high precisions. All the gears have soaked in oil with precise grounding. All sliders are lubricated by the centralized lubrication systems. All contacting-parts of the spring machines are lubricated effectively, to keep the precision and reliability of the machine.

Herdon spring machines are build on industrial standard CNC controller which drive servo motors, and use specialized program for spring manufacture. All models are designed on the basis of simple user interface, making transition between machines easy. The controllers are designed turn either clockwise or reverse smoothly and sensitively. There are versatile machines for all kind of springs.

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